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The Musicians Going Pro Professional Development Programme is designed to help students move from the classroom/rehearsal room into the real world of gigging for money. I am a great believer in artists being paid for their labours. Doing live gigs is a realistic way for a musician to earn a living – or at least to substantially increase their income.

The one hour talk ‘Four Steps to Getting Pro Gigs’ could be the most valuable hour of an aspiring pro musicians life! The half day workshop ‘Marketing for Musicians’ will give individual students the skills and mindset needed to start getting better paid gigs right away.

The programme is for all musicians who would like to increase their income through live work:

  • Music School Students,
  • Solo instrumentalists,
  • Singers and Groups,
  • Retired Music Teachers

1 hour talk/lecture

Four Steps to Getting Pro Gigs

An engaging and inspiring presentation of the practical steps a musician can take to start earning money from their craft. 

Half Day Workshop

Marketing for Musicians

Getting great gigs! A practical, real-world workshop. Empowering students to create professional marketing materials and to set up an on-going marketing strategy.

Rob Bee

About your Tutor

Rob Bee BA(Hons) Art Theory and Practice, Lancaster

Rob has run a profitable business as an event organiser and musician for over 40 years. Providing entertainment for corporate and private events in the UK. Also on cruise ships and at international resort venues all around the world.

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