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  1. Hi Rob

    Thanks for all the videos, they were very helpful and I will certainly make some changes to writing the emails. I am the person in ‘Morrigan’ who fixes the gigs and as you said in the videos it’s sometimes a thankless task. I think you heard us at the Lancaster Music Festival, we get lots of gigs and it’s great to be reminded of not being reliant on existing gigs. We’ve met several times, I’m Richard Hone’s Sister. Thank you again, I really enjoyed the videos.

    • Hi Ros, yes, of course I remember you – really enjoyed your band too at lancaster music festival. Richard and I had an Art Exhibition recently – we had a ‘music’ night – I started the proceedings with an improvised piece ‘Ebb and Flow’ then Rich performed his ‘Everything and Nothing’ composition. Brilliant … have you seen/heard it.
      Thanks for your comments regarding the Musicians mean Business workshop videos, I’m glad that you have got something from them.
      Hope to see you again soon

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