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…haha! and I’m guilty as charged!


Which of the above are you guilty of?… Or have you made any other screw ups that you’d like to share with us?

What are you going to start doing today to improve your music career?


  1. Another Great Video Rob. I came to music late in life. I am a great singer but not a great accompanist of myself. I rely on backing tracks some of which for the songs I have written I produce myself using Sibelius. I did not want to compete with local musicians and sang for nothing until someone pointed out I was competing because people would engage me because I do not Charge. I now am getting repeat paid gigs with local care homes. That said my main interest is to get my own music out there. I am currently completing an orchestration course with Thinkspace Education so that I can orchestrate my music better. Part of my Marketing Strategy is a new website which I will be launching this week. With regards to videos I would appreciate your comments on my You Tube Videos. I have just invested in a new Bose system which works well.

  2. Good stuff Rob. I’ve certainly made some of these mistakes, and still lapse into one or two of them even though I should know better! I’ve always known marketing is important but it’s easy to let the simple things lapse – for example I do have a great card and flyer – I just played a themed 1920s night at Blackpool winter gardens for people who love to dance to vintage music – and didn’t think to put cards/flyers on tables. Need to get back on it.
    I am however getting my website redone – mine is nice but no ‘responsive’ to people viewing on smart phones, which people expect now. And this years low number of wedding bookings is telling me that, yep, I had become too reliant on leads from certain venues whose management structures had changed, so slightly relying on ‘hope marketing’ 🙂
    What I’ve tended to do is have big marketing splurges about once every one or two years. (Aside from low level stuff like keeping website diary up to date and keeping social media profile active). Your idea of hour or two a week ismuch more sensible and likely to reap reward.

    • Yeah, a couple of hours a week consistently and you’ll nail it Bill.
      Thanks for your constructive comments.

  3. Hi Rob!
    Thanks again for the tips and training, it’s much appreciated. I used to get envious when I saw other bands getting the gigs I wanted until I grew up a bit and realized that attitude only hurts me and makes the situation worse! Duh! I catch myself when I get that feeling and remember, there’s enough gigs out there for all of us. I also don’t compare myself to other artists as much as use to either. I’m unique as we all are and have something special to contribute. 😄

    I’m in category #5 so to speak. I have rotating gigs at some places which I’m truly grateful for. However, I’m not resting on those, I am constantly reaching out to places and looking for new opportunities. I’m hoping your training will really help with that so thanks again!

    Peace & love, 😄✌🏻❤️🎶🎸

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