Video #2 5 Common Mistakes That us Musicians can Make!

Video #3 The Proven 3 Step Process to Get More Gigs - Starting Now!

Video #4 Action! The Next Steps.


…the first thing they see when they open your intro email


What would it mean to you to be able to make music for a living?

How would you feel? What would you do with the time it freed up?

Leave a comment below – tell us whats stopping you (from becoming a pro musician) if you like!


  1. Hi Rob!
    Thanks for this training. I really appreciate it! It’s very kind of you to share what you’ve learned and I’ve already learned a lot. Like you, I love to perform, I love music. It’s in my blood. I’m so happy for you that you’ve done so well. You’re an inspiration for sure! I’ve had my iPad over heat too at gigs!

    So, I’m already a full time professional musician. I also teach music lessons which is fun and easy. However, I would love to make more money performing and be able to just focus on that rather that teach. That’s my goal. I love learning too, I never want to think I know it all, cause that would be so limiting and boring! 😄
    I look forward to the next series of lessons and thanks again!
    Peace & love from San Francisco,
    Groovy Judy
    Hendrix inspired funk-rock with a positive groove. “If Jimi had a sister, it would be me!”

    • Thanks Judy for these kind comments 😊. Like you, I love learning, there’s just so much good stuff to find out about isn’t there. I’ll take a listen to your music later for sure.
      Thanks again
      Peace and Love from Lancaster England!

      ps next video will be with you on Wednesday 🎼

      • Hi Rob!
        Wow, thanks so much! I really appreciate your kind words of encouragement. I’m working on my sales pitch and I’d love to run it by you please if that’s ok.

        Thanks and much peace,

        • Hi Judy, There is an option for me to give you constructive advice on your whole sales package in the Prosperous Musician Programme…
          An alternative to buying the whole programme, if you don’t think you need that, will be to book a consultation with me. You can send me all your sales material and then we can have a Skype call (and a follow up call) to really go through everything – website/video/introductory email – everything that matters when you are pitching for new work. There will soon be a page for this on my website. I will email you a link as soon as it is live.
          I hope this is helpful for you Judy – keep making the beautiful music 😊🎼

  2. Hi Rob
    Very interesting thank you! I’ve spent many hours poring over short and long versions of my biog! It’ll be interesting to look at one and see if it fits this brief – I suspect it’ll be too long and a bit too dry. I’ll have another bash – when I’m over this flu 🤧

  3. Great video rob. Im gonna take your advice and get cracking with some emails tomorrow for both my band and my solo work. Il let you know how i get on. Lookin forward to the next video.

  4. Great video Rob with excellent advice. It has given me a lot of food for thought and will help me with my current projects. I will share your link on my Facebook page. i have many musician friends around the world.

  5. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for this training it’s so informative and actually applicable . I have been a musician for many years, but long to turn it into a full time profession.

    My problem though is I’m unsure which facet off my music to focus on. I am a singer/songwriter and play guitar. I perform in a covers band, an original band, I play electric and acoustic solo original and covers. I also gig as just a vocalist performing covers. I enjoy all of these things. but I am unsure which one will provide me with the best gigs and financial rewards. Do you have any advice as to which I should focus the most energy.



    • Hi Kit, thanks for your kind comment. It sounds like music is your life! I have been in a similar situation – wondering which facet of my music creating to focus on! I would say, never stop songwriting and playing/performing your own songs. You just need a lucky break, to be in the right place at the right time, for one of your songs to hit, to get traction. Yes, definitely keep doing that and promoting that facet of your talent when you can.

      Until you make it with your writing, there is definitely money to be made performing covers, solo and/or with your band. If you put some energy in at this stage to doing that – once you are earning more from those gigs, it will free up more of your time for writing and promoting your original stuff.

      I should think you’ll find this blog post interesting and useful Kit – it debunks the ‘playing covers is selling out’ myth and explains what happened to me when I started seriously gigging my covers band:


  6. Hi Rob

    Great advice in those videos! It’s always a plus for the new gigging musicians who are wondering how to get work.

    I would say the key thing for has to have an inbuilt belief that you are doing the right thing musically.You wouldnt believe the amount of venues and their owners who thought they new best what sort of music ‘goes down well in this place’ and tried to make me change my style/look/grove or whatever -ignore this !!! Stick to your guns ,it’ll be worth it in the long run

    Keep on playing!


  7. Thanks Roger – really good advice, yeah, believe in yourself!
    […Roger is a brilliant and highly respected professional musician based in the North West of England. I’m hoping to publish an interview with him soon (ok Roger?😊). Watch this space – well, watch my website blog anyway. R]
    Thanks again Rog

  8. Hi Rob. Thankyou so so much for your wonderful video on how to be the best musician you can be! I realli relate to you and your enthusiasm shines through. It’s definitely given me the tools and I’m ready for going to the next chapter of my life as a singer. Thank you again speak soon xx

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