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Will 2023 be your year to get a gig on a ship?

Let me show you how.

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Follow your dreams, make music your life.
There will be some ups and downs, some soul searching and possibly some doubts from those around you... but you will be doing what you were put on this earth to do and you will succeed. I know its a cliché - but you only live once ...GO FOR IT!
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MUSICIANS gigs on ships.

Ever fancied a gig on a cruise ship? 

Download my FREE 14 page guide - Everything you need to know about working on a cruise ship. Ahoy there!

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In this 3 part video series free training, I run through some proven techniques to help you get better work. There's no theory or maybe's here, this is all actionable advice. Things that I do, stuff that works. Remember, the more you play, the better you get and the more you enjoy it.

So to make your living from music...

Mini Course

How to make a Killer Prom Video for little or no money - using 2 smartphones, free (or cheap) video editing software and easy lighting techniques.

Get a few basics right and you'll look ace.

Wow! win a free SHURE SM58!
Competition closed. We'll be running another soon . In the meantine - check out our happy proud winner.: Geoff, a Folk musician from the North East of England.

…taught me better musicianship, how to make a gig flow well and he is a great encourager… Whatever your level, Musicians Going Pro will give you something to take your musicianship and self-marketing to the next level.

Marcus Mosey.
Pastor at Christians Alive, Lancaster UK

Rob’s professionalism, knowledge and patience were invaluable in shaping the career I have in the music industry today. An inspirational person, musician and friend.

George Williams,
Record Producer, London UK

Mr Bee from Musicians Going Pro is the man… his tireless motivation and passion for everything music is inspirational.

David Allen

 Professional Musician, Castellon Spain